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Does Bachelorette Rachel See a Future With Aven After His Surprising Finale Return? She Says...

In an exclusive conversation with E! News, The Bachelorette's Rachel Recchia reveals if she sees a future with Aven Jones after his surprising appearance on the Sept. 20 finale.

It was the return that shook Bachelor Nation. 

Aven Jones made a shocking appearance during the dramatic Sept. 20 finale of The Bachelorette, appearing out of thin air after co-Bachelorette Rachel Recchia had one final, emotional conversation with Tino Franco. It was a welcome surprise for fans, who, just moments earlier, saw their engagement came to a stunning end ​after it was revealed Tino had cheated on Rachel after filming ended. 

Dressed in a slick tan suit, Aven asked Rachel, "Would you want to get out of here and catch up?" to which Rachel replied, "I would love nothing more."

Aven and Rachel's relationship came to a somber end during part one of the Bachelorette finale on Sept. 13 when Aven couldn't commit to an engagement, forcing Rachel to send him home. 

But hey, what do they say about second chances?

"Obviously I was shocked and surprised to see him there," Rachel exclusively told E! News. "I was just really curious. He ultimately just told me he wanted to be there as a support system because he knew it was really going to be a really difficult conversation. He's always been kind of my safe space."

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