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Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained

Does the ending of Teen Wolf: The Movie leave room for more lycanthropic misadventures?

Close by, that annoying chemistry teacher, Adrian R. Harris (Adam Fristoe) has returned to take advantage of all this supernatural mayhem for his own sinister gains. After a tense confrontation, he ends up shooting Jackson more than once and effectively holds Lydia hostage, stopping her from saving everyone else.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, a force field has also been erected around the stadium, trapping ten thousand people inside. Thankfully, Scott has an idea.

Scott’s Big Game Plan

If the game isn’t stopped, thousands could die, so Scott comes up with a genius plan to put on a lacrosse jersey and join the game. Without his skills, the match could go into sudden death, keeping the players on field even longer. Yep, really. Eli, the school’s new resident “Teen Wolf”, pitches in too, wearing the same number jersey that Scott used to wear when he was at school…

A few revelations later — Eli’s scared of transforming because of Daddy Hale, Lydia left Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) because she dreamed he would die in a car crash with her — the others topside end up joining Nogitsune in the realm below.

During a big battle with Nogitsune’s Oni henchmen, Lydia saves Allison with her banshee scream. You know, the one she refused to use up until this point. Upon hearing her name screamed out LOUD, Allison suddenly remembers everything. Cue adorable flashbacks to her life with Scott from seasons 1-3.   

Does Scott Die?

Realizing he’s lost the upper hand, Nogitsune holds a knife to Eli and offers Allison a deal. If she kills Scott, then everyone else can go free. A bit petty, if you ask us, but Allison agrees, shooting three arrows into her ex’s heart.

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